Pukka Pie Heater Concept
UFS Chef Reward Scheme
Our Pukka Package


    Now introducing a new pie heater package designed for non traditional food outlets

    - No other catering equipment required
    - Cooks from frozen
    - Holds 18 pies
    - Includes FOC stock valued at £360 RRSP
    - Includes accessory pack (Temperature probe, counter top pos, apron, instructions)
    - 2 year warranty direct with supplier
    - £349 + VAT Delivered

    Building on 55 years of pie experience, every Pukka pie is carefully crafted by our expert bakers, using our unique recipes and great quality ingredients. Each has a light, golden puff pastry case, packed with tender chunks of quality meat in our rich distinctively flavoursome gravies. Remember, we offer the antions favorite range of pies.

    *Based on trial in 3 wet led pub. Trial ran between June 2018 - September 2018. Achieved average weekly sales of 44 pies and 32 sausage rolls. Annual profit based on 50 weeks sales. Profit calculated based on average RTM price & average RSP.